Termite Control Sprayers

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New Termite Sprayers – Only from Quality Equipment

handtruck-25-gal-elec-sprayer.jpg25 Gallon Handtruck Termite Sprayer Shurflo Chemical Pump & Cox Reel
injector2.jpgTermite Sprayer – Injector Table. Mix Chemical at shop to control costs
termite-super-foamer.jpgTermite Super Foamer (click for more info)

Termite Pretreat Sprayers

termite-sprayer-super-foamer-2012.jpgTermite Control Sprayer – Dual 500 Gallon tanks
termite2.jpg.w560h420.jpgTermite Sprayer with 500, 100 & 25 Gallon Tanks

Large Termite Pretreat Sprayers

termite3-1-.jpg1000 Gallon Pretreat Truck
weed2.jpg.w560h341.jpg500 Gallon Termite Pretreat Sprayer on Flatbed Truck

Termite Sprayers – Skid Mount

200-gallon-utility-truck.jpg200 Gallon Fiberglass Final Grade termite spray rig
dual-225-gallon-tanks.jpgDual 225 Gallon Tanks – Roller Pump Termite Sprayer
200-gallon-skid-sprayer.jpg200 Gallon Post Treat Termite Sprayer

Truck Mount Termite Sprayers

100-gallon-roller-pump-termite-sprayer.jpg100 Gallon Roller Pump Termite Sprayer
125-gallon-component.jpg125 Gallon Component Mount Post Treat Termite Sprayer
post-treat-termite-sprayer-100-gal.jpg100 Gallon Roller Pump Post Treat Termite Sprayer

Termite Trailer Sprayers

225-gallon-termite-sprayer-trailer.jpg225 Gallon Termite Sprayer Trailer -Roller Pump
dual-50-gallon-termite-spray.jpgDual 50 Gallon Termite Spray Trailer
100-gallon-trailermounttermite-control-sprayer.jpg100 Gallon Trailer Mount Termite Control Sprayer

Multi Tank Termite Sprayers

pest-control-sprayer-3-tanks-3-pumps.jpg3 Tanks, 3 Pumps, Motors, Reels – Termite Control Sprayer
pest-control-spray-rig-3-tanks-pumps-motors.jpgDual 225 Gallon Termite Sprayer
dual-125-gallon-pest-control-trailer.jpgDual 125 Tank Termite Spray Trailer
termite-pretreat-wand-tips.jpgTermite Pretreat Wands – Boost Productivity

When it comes to professional termite control over large areas in a short amount of time, you need a reliable solution - a professional-grade termite sprayer. brings you quality termite spray rigs that are highly effective for a range of treatment and application needs. From termite pre-treatments to lawn spraying, we have the termite spray equipment you need.

Quality Rigs That Meet Your Application Demands

Our termite control sprayers are built with high-quality and heavy-duty components to reduce frequent repairs and downtime. We design and build power sprayers for maximum productivity, reliability, safety, and ease of maintenance. Find durable termite spray rigs for sale and the replacement parts you need to keep you operative and productive at

From termite pretreat sprayers, truck mount sprayers, and termite trailer sprayers, to multi-tank termite sprayers, we have the widest selection of custom-built termite sprayers for pest control professionals. Whether you need a gas-powered or electric sprayer, you can be sure to find the right sprayer to get the job done.

Shop Termite Power Sprayers Now

Shop termite spray rigs for sale in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit your needs. provides a range of high-performance power sprayers suited to any job, from small residential applications to large commercial operations. Order your sprayers and replacement parts online or contact us for further information.