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Bee Accessories

Stinging insects pose several problems. Not only do you have to get rid of them, but you have to get the job done without getting stung! Fortunately, Qspray.com has all of the yellowjacket control, wasp control, and bee control products you need to get the job done safely and effectively.

Everything You Need

We have what you require to get rid of a variety of pests. Prozap’s Insect Guards will kill flying and crawling insects, and keep bees away when you remove hives. We also have reusable yellow jacket traps that will attract and trap many species of yellowjacket, without trapping beneficial honey bees.

For wasps, our Wasp Freeze aerosol spray can kill wasps on contact from 15 feet away. We also have puffer-style insecticide dusters that can reach flying and crawling insects in cracks and crevices. We stock dust refills too, so you can stay stocked up.

Pick up a bee knife if you need an effective tool for removing hives. And on the defense front, you can grab some bee straps to tie up your pants and prevent them from crawling up. Finally, our bee sting wipes are great to have around in case you do actually get stung, and need pain relief.

Pest Control Experts

Qspray.com is the top source for pest control equipment and resources. Our industry professionals know the business well, and we can help you get the results you want while staying safe in the field. Check out our store and order the bee, wasp, and yellowjacket control products you need today.

Do you want to know more about our products or equipment? Get in touch with our team and call at 1-800-675-7485 or send us an email. We’re always happy to help!