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Spray Guns

It is important to supplement your custom power sprayer rig with a high-quality spray gun. Every component in your rig matters—a quality spray gun will provide you with years of reliable service. We carry heavy-duty weed control spray guns,pest control spray guns, and a wide selection of tips and parts to satisfy you with your investment.

Quality Products

We carry two versions of the Green Garde spray gun: JD9 gun and AA 36 gun. The JD9 gun is a higher pressure version that is great for high trees. With a max PSI of 1000, the JD9 has an FGHT Inlet and an adjustable tip. The adjustable tip is a great feature for pest control spray guns because it allows you to disperse a thin mist or a thicker stream by a simple twist of the barrel.

Another sprayer we carry is the Spraying Systems AA 36 gun. Featuring a heavy duty brass spray valve and sturdy construction, the AA 36 gun is rebuildable and remains a favorite among pest and weed professionals.

To increase the long lifespan of this product, we sell kits for repairs or maintenance which contain the O-rings you need to fix leaks. Our spray guns may be repaired several times and will provide years of reliable service.

Pest Control Experts is here to provide quality equipment and spare parts so you can enjoy high performance and long lifespans in the field. We have substantial experience in the pest and weed control, and we use this experience to provide equipment that we know works. Check out our selection of pest control spray guns and order yours today.