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Tank Lids & Parts

Need to replace or modify the tank lids on your sprayer tanks? We have a variety of useful tank lids and accessories. Our Norwesco tank lids and other assorted parts make it easy to replace your parts or buy additional accessories.

Dependable Parts

Our tank lids and assorted parts are durable and ready for service. For your convenience, all of our tank lids and other parts come in 8”, 10”, and 16” depending on the size tank you have.

Additionally, all of our Norwesco tank lids are manufactured with professional quality and useable features:

  • All lids are threaded for easy application and removal

  • Lids Include built-in vents, allowing air to enter the tank as chemicals are dispensed

  • All lids are made from high-density polyethylene

  • Vent capacity: 200GPM

Please note that our 8” Norwesco Tank Lids are ideal for select tanks manufactured prior to 2/2/08 (60002). For tanks manufactured after this date, refer to our 8” lids with the blue snap-in vent (63480).


Reduce the amount of maintenance required on your end after the job is done by purchasing one of our strainer baskets. These strainers act as filters when they are placed inside of your tank. Our Norwesco strainers:

  • Protect your tank by keeping your pump and sprayer free from foreign objects

  • Maintain the integrity of your chemicals by keeping them debris-free

  • Keep your pump and sprayer parts free from clogged openings and damaged mechanisms

Aside from lids, we offer Norwesco fill wells in sizes 8”, 10”, and 16”, intended for use with tank lids and Norwesco bulkhead tank fittings for water tanks. Our wide range of products makes your convenient, one-stop-shop for your tank needs.

Please note that these lids and accessories are intended for Norwesco tanks. If you do not have a Norwesco tank, they may not fit your unit.

Your Experts provides a comprehensive resource of high quality pest control equipment and components. We only want the best products for our customers, and our inventory reflects that. We also carry all of the components you need to keep your existing equipment in top shape, without having to fork out the money for new products. We’re here to help you keep your costs low and your profits high. Shop our selection of Norwesco tank lids and order what you need today.