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Hose Reels

At, we stock a large selection of landscape and pest control hose reels so you can build and maintain your ideal power sprayer rigs. Most of our reels are available from Cox, a trusted manufacturer that makes sturdy, reliable reels. These reels can smoothly wind up 100 to 200 feet of hose, depending on thickness. A Cox reel is best used in combination with a high capacity tank and pump. This configuration is great when you need to tackle large jobs with high volumes of pesticide, herbicide, or termiticide.

Quality Components

We carry the full line of Cox hose reels. Whether you need landscape or pest control hose reels,  you can choose the configuration that’s right for any task. We have sturdy manual reels with brass swivels and nitrile o-rings for maximum longevity and performance. Another great option is one of our electric motor reels, which provides an easy windup and release. We also carry additional products and accessories such as reels with air hoses, power cords, reels withwelding hoses, stacked hose reels, and mounts for hose reels.

Pest Control Experts                                            

At we build power sprayer rigs from the ground up with the highest quality components we can find. We also have all of the individual components you need to maintain your rigs and keep them primed. We are recognized experts in the pest control industry, and our product range and customized sprayers are selected with 100 combined years of knowledge and experience. Shop our selection of pest control hose reels today.