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Bee Control

If you are looking for effective bee suits for your bee control operations, we have the quality bee removal equipment you need. Our bee suits provide the coverage necessary to handle infestations of bees and other types of stinging insects. Since they’re as comfortable as they are lightweight, we even include helmets that provide unobstructed vision. Our bee suits also come with a free pair of heavy duty leather gloves, so you’re fully protected no matter what.

Quality Gear carries several types of bee suits to for any bee control task you undertake. We stock bee jackets, as well as full and vented bee suits. Our bee jackets provide head and upper body coverage, while the suits offer full-body coverage. Our vented bee suits provide 3-layer vented fabric that is sting proof, allowing for air circulation and increased comfort.  For comprehensive sizing, our suits range from medium to 5XL.

Whether you’re a beekeeper or pest-control professional, our top-quality suits and protective gear will help you get your job done.

Pest Control Experts

At, we strive to provide all of the pest control equipment you need for the job in one convenient place. In addition to our bee removal equipment, we also carry a sizable selection of backpack sprayers, foggers, custom power sprayers, pesticides, herbicides, and much more. All of the products that we carry are carefully selected by our experts to ensure reliable service in the field. Take a look at our selection of bee suits and order yours today!