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Electric Powered Spayers

Qspray.com has several excellent electric power sprayer configurations available for pest and weed control professionals. With energy-efficient Electric power sprayers, we have some of the best and most reliable green alternative to gas powered sprayers. Just plug into an outlet at the job site or draw power from a battery and you’re good to go. Our electric power sprayer rigs contain only the best components available on the market, and we have the industry’s only 90-day money back guarantee to back it up.


Quality Choice

We have 25-gallon mounted power sprayers that come in a variety of configurations so you can find the setup that works best with your vehicle. We also have hand-truck and cart-mounted sprayers for portability. With durable polyethylene storage tanks go all the way up to 60 gallons, we even have multiple-tank configurations if you require extra storage.

Our power sprayer rigs are made up of quality components like Shurflo’s reliable 8000 Series 12-volt pump and motor, which delivers fantastic low-maintenance service. We also use Cox hose reels, quality spray hoses, Green Garde spray guns, lifespan-increasing filters and line strainers, and heavy duty steel frames.

If you have more specific job requirements, we have you covered. We also carry Bora Care spray rigs, termite sprayers, concrete spray trailers, and cure sprayers.

Pest Control Experts

Qspray.com is made up of seasoned experts with over 100 combined years of experience repairing pest control equipment. All of our custom power sprayer rigs are built from the ground up with an expert’s eye on dependability and productivity. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t, which is why we’ve installed the best parts in our rigs. After all, we consider It our job to help you lower your downtime and maximize productivity and profit.

If you have any questions for us, give us a call at 1-800-675-7485 and our experts will be happy to help. Check out our selection of electric power sprayers now and order what you need today.