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Spray Equipment Topics & Resources 

Spray Equipment Strategy Kit: A series of articles to help you ask the right questions when purchasing a power spray rig

Truck Bed Measurement Form for Spray Rigs: Easy to use form to determine bed space available for your power sprayer 

Preflight Checklist: This checklist will help you identify & prevent equipment problems that cause expensive downtime

Purchase Price is the Tip of the Iceberg: You pay the purchase price once, you pay the productivity price EVERY DAY!

15 Questions You MUST Ask Before Buying a Spray Rig: Take 5 minutes to download & read this document so you don't waste time & money on the wrong equipment!

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Download Equipment Manuals & Parts Breakdowns Here


Actisol Machine

    Actisol Machine Brochure (specs)

    Actisol Machine Parts Breakdown

    Actisol Machine Operating Manual



    B&G Sprayer Owners Manual & Parts Breakdown

    B&G Multi-Dose Bait Gun User Manual

    B&G Versatool Termite Rod Set Manual

    B&G Versagun Termite Rod Set Manual

    B&G Sub Slab Injector SSI Termite Rod Set Manual

    B&G Robco Quick Change Gun QCG Rod Set Manual


Birchmeier Backpacks

    Birchmeier Backpack Parts Breakdown

    Birchmeier Security Rack Assembly Instructions

    Birchmeier DR-5 Dusty Specs


 Cox Reels

   Cox 1125 Reel Series Installation & Maintenance Manual

   Cox 1125 Manual Reel Parts Breakdown

   Cox 1125 Electric Reel Parts Breakdown


Telesteps Ladders

   Telesteps Brochure including Ladder Specs

   Telesteps Operating Instructions