Puffy D Bulb Duster

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JT Eaton Puffy D Insecticide Bulb Duster


Heavy-Duty Rubber body with metal top and brass tip

Includes 12" brass extension and curved tip

Includes plastic funnel for easy filling

Remove extension if not needed

Holds up to 14 ounces of insecticide dust

Easy to use

Puffy D is designed to apply both dust and granules. It is shipped ready to apply dust.  To apply granules  you must unscrew the stem from inside and insert the quarter size screen into the under side of the top.


JT Eaton Item #512


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Professional Grade JT Eaton Puffy D Bulb Duster for Pest Control Professionals at Qspray 01:08 The JT Eaton Puffy D Bulb Duster is a large capacity bulb duster that is great for #pestcontrol professionals. JT Eaton insecticide bulb style professional grade tool for dusting cracks & crevices to eliminate #scorpions and other pests. It is very easy to use and includes different tips to use depending on the pest and situation. ⭐ At we offer the highest-quality #sprayequipment for pest control & weed control and landscape professionals on the market at extremely affordable prices. Here you can find professional-grade manual sprayers, power sprayers, backpack sprayers, dusters, bird control cages, bee suits, and everything else you need to get the job done. ? FOLLOW US Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #bulbduster #duster #pestcontrol #pesttechs #birchmeier #birchmeierbackpack #sprayer #backpacksprayer #sprayequipmentexpert #pestcontrolsprayers #sprayerparts #QSpray #sprayequipmentexpert #sprayequipment #weedcontrol #landscaping #sprayers #pestcontrolsprayer #weedcontrolsprayer #powersprayer

JT Eaton  Puffy D Insecticide Bulb Duster

Puffy D Bulb Duster

MODEL: Duste Puffy D


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