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Termite Foamers

Termite Foamers are highly effective pest control applications, especially when dealing with pests that live in hard-to-reach areas. Since foam expands to spread pesticides into these inaccessible areas where pests are lurking, pests can’t avoid its reach. has the foamer you need to get the job done, depending on your job requirements.

Equipment You Need

We carry heavy duty electric power termite foamers and manual hand-pumped foamers, both of which are portable, easy to use, and incredibly effective at getting the job done. A robust piece of equipment, the electric termite foamer utilizes powered dispensation.  Meanwhile, a manual termite foamer with powdered dispensation makes for an effective unit that’s an economical choice for the professional on a budget. Both units feature a 1 gallon tank.

For your convenience, we also sell refills of termite foaming agent, so you can stock up on all of the supplies you need all in one place.

Expert Pest Control carries only high quality professional grade equipment. We work hard to ensure that our customers are getting the best products on the market, and that their investments help them be more effective and productive in the field. Our experts have decades of combined experience working with pest control professionals and equipment, and we’re only interested in selling the equipment that works. Check out our quality selection of termite foamers and order yours today!