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Power Sprayer Money Back Guarantee

Nobody Builds Them Better! We are completely confident in the quality of the components we use, and our craftsmanship in fabrication and assembly. We have built hundreds of these rigs and we know they will perform. For that reason, we offer the only MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in the industry.

                                                                                                                                                                               power spray rig money back guarantee small

The Fine Print

The  Qspray Platinum Money Back Guarantee applies to these Best Selling Spray Rigs:

If within 90 days from the day the sprayer is shipped, you are unhappy for any reason, we will buy the power sprayer back for the full purchase price.

A written Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is needed to return any sprayer.  Please call us at (800) 675.7485 for an RMA.  (We hope you will give us a chance to correct any problems, but it is not required).   Prepare the sprayer for shipping (we recommend you save the original packing materials).  Return the sprayer to the shipping line (we will schedule the shipping).   Guarantee applies to only 1 sprayer per client.

Return the sprayer to us:

  • In GOOD condition (proper working order, if you broke it, abused it, or modified it, it’s yours!)
  • Remove all chemicals from tank, hose, etc. (this is a legal shipping requirement)
  • Drain any gas from the engine (this is a legal shipping requirement)
  • We will issue the refund in the form of your payment (e.g, check, credit card).
  • If you have met all the requirements we will also reimburse shipping both ways (Lower 48 states only).


That’s it.  Call us now to place your order!

(800) 675.7485 or email us with questions.