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Backpack Sprayers

We stock several models of high-quality backpack sprayers, including the top-performing Birchmeier backpacks. Depending on your requirements, we have both manual pump sprayers and electric backpack sprayers. All of our sprayers provide portable and reliable service, keeping pest control professionals productive and effective.

Quality Equipment

We carry a variety of sprayers for your convenience. We have heavy duty Jacto 4-gallon and 5-gallon backpack sprayers, as well as two different Jacto electric sprayers that provide 2 and 4 hours of operation in the field. We also stock the powerful Maruyama electric backpack sprayer.

We are proud to carry the full line of Birchmeier sprayers. As it is the premier manufacturer of backpack sprayers available on the market, our selection of Birchmeier backpack sprayers comes in heavy duty 2.5-gallon, 4-gallon, and 5-gallon options. We also have the Birchmeier BCS unit that allows pre-mixing of chemicals before you go out to the field. For easy storage and maintenance pick up a Birchmeier storage rack and replacement parts.

Pest Control Experts

We aren’t just another online retailer. works with experts who are driven to provide the best equipment on the market to pest control professionals. As industry leaders, we are serious about maintaining reliable equipment, and helping our clients do the same. We carry repair kits and spare parts for all of our Birchmeier backpacks and our other sprayers, so you can keep your equipment in peak shape and avoid failures and downtime in the field. Shop our store for your backpacks today.