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Birchmeier Backpacks & Sprayers

Birchmeier is one of the leading pest control equipment manufacturers in the industry, and the Birchmeier sprayer sets the standard for reliable, long-lasting, and productive pesticide sprayers. Due to their knowledgeable design and craftsmanship, Birchmeiers tend to avoid many of the problems that crop up with lesser sprayers, providing you with equipment that keeps you going day after day without having to deal with pesky sprayer issues and downtime.

An Industry Favorite

Everything about the Birchmeier sprayer speaks to high quality, and professionals love it for its reliability and ease of use. At, we have worked with a wide variety of backpack sprayer models, and after years of painstaking trial and error and experience in the field, we've become pretty confident that the Birchmeier backpack is one of the best pest control tools around.

The Birchmeier backpacks feature durable stainless steel frames with handles, as well as full brass pumps and sprayer valves, which you don't usually find in typical sprayers. The pumps are external, which cuts down on many of the issues with spraying liquid. Also the plastic tanks are heavy duty and impact resistant. Another unique feature of the Birchmeier sprayer is its two-year manufacturer's warranty, which is a huge plus.

Backpacks and Parts

We carry several Birchmeier backpack models such as the 10K Flox, 15K Iris, and 20K Senior backpack models, all of which feature differing tank sizes. We also provide a unique BCS Closed System backpack sprayer which allows you to use pre-mixed chemicals fed out of a separate container for ease of use in the field. In addition we carry replacement parts, grease, and a parts diagram to assist with repairs. Need a storage rack for your Birchmeier sprayer? We have those too!

pest control equipmentbackpack sprayersbirchmeier backpacksExpertise You Can Trust

The professionals at utilize over 100 years of combined experience with pest control equipment to provide the highest-quality products on the market. Our repair center has seen countless sprayers come in for repair, and we are constantly talking to spray techs and other professionals in the industry to further our understanding of the profession and help pest control professionals and businesses improve their services with better equipment and practices. We mean it when we say that the Birchmeier sprayer is one of the finest pieces of pest control equipment available to professionals, and we can help you keep your sprayer in top condition in working at maximum productivity for the duration of its lifespan.

Shop Now

Take a look at our quality selection of Birchmeier backpacks and order what you need to get the job done. We have all of the professional grade sprayers and replacement parts you need to tackle the toughest pest problems, while minimizing your costs and saving time and energy making a profit. We are here to ensure the constant improvement of pest control professionals in their trade. Browse our store selection today and order the sprayers and parts that you require.