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Spray Hose

Every component of your power sprayer rig counts. Some of the most basic yet indispensable tools in your truck are pest control spray hoses. A good spray hose is crucial to avoid leaks, tangles, and protection against harmful chemicals. At, we have high-quality pest and weed control spray hoses to help you get the job done efficiently and safely.

Quality Products

We have 3/8” and ½” budget hoses available in 200 and 300-foot rolls. These pest and weed control spray hoses are rated for 300 and 800 PSI and feature 3-layer PVC construction.

We also carry 3/8” and ½” Flextrall hoses that are rated for 800 PSI. These are quality hoses that feature heavy duty ribbed exteriors. This provides an extra layer of protection against rough surfaces. These hoses are available in 200 and 300 foot rolls.

Pest Control Experts

We have 100 years of combined experience working with pest control equipment. We’ve discovered what equipment works and what doesn’t, and we use our knowledge to provide high-quality components for our customers’ custom power sprayer rigs. The hoses we have here are sure to provide dependable service. Check out our selection of weed and pest control spray hoses and order what you need today.