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Concrete & Construction Sprayers

At QSpray, we carry professional grade concrete sprayers & construction sprayers. Highly effective at covering large areas and well suited to various uses in construction, our concrete cure sprayers are sure to make your job much easier. For weed and pest applications, we carry multi-purpose sprayers. Whether you need to take care of pests, weeds, or termites, we have the tool for you.

Professional Grade Equipment

We stock a variety of professional-quality concrete sprayers so you can choose the equipment that is right for the job. For example, we have a dual reel sprayer that uses a 225-gallon tank and a powerful Hypro Roller pump to double your productivity. Mounted on a truck, this sprayer was originally used to spray weeds under power lines. We also have smaller electrical sprayers for smaller jobs.

If you are looking for a concrete cure sprayer, we have a heavy duty unit that is designed to be lifted by a crane. Its past applications include spraying concrete cure onto a dam. We also have smaller concrete cure sprayers for local projects.

For more information about our sprayers or pricing inquiries, request a quote today.

Experts in Pest Control

Many of our power sprayers our custom built with the highest quality components available. We know our equipment, and we’ve worked directly with professionals in the field to perfect our builds. One of our sprayers is guaranteed to provide you with the reliability and productivity you need to do the job right. Check out our selection and shop our concrete sprayers today.