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Termite Rods

For all your termite control applications, we have high-quality B&G termite tools that are built to last. These tools, used to apply termiticide into hard to reach places, are great at finding hiding termites. The sub slab injectors apply termiticide under concrete slabs, wood tiles, ceramic tiles, and other surfaces.

Professional Grade Equipment

Our termite tool selection includes several models such as B&G’s Versatool set, Robco QCG set, and the B&G Versagun set. These termite tool sets come with several extensions and tips to provide effective action for a wide range of situations. These rugged tools will withstand years of wear and tear if they are treated well.

We also carry B&G’s sub-slab injectors which inject termiticides deep under slabs for productive pest control in hard-to-reach areas. These injectors use specialized locking mechanisms to prevent dripping and splash back.

Your Experts

We strive to provide all the tools of the trade you require, all in one convenient place. We stock B&G termite tools because our experts have found that these tools work great in the field. These termite tools provide reliable service and hold up under wear and tear. You won’t have to worry about a tool failing you in the field, and dealing with the downtime.

We’re here to ensure our clients are achieving the most productivity and profits. Check out our inventory of termite tools and order yours today.