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Termite Rod Parts

Termite rodding equipment like B&G’s Versatool and Versagun kits are well known among  pest control professionals. This equipment is known for durability and is proven to be reliable in treating termite infestations effectively. Designed to go beneath concrete slabs and other crevices, our termite rods and components inject termicide deep into voids where these pests dwell. As such, Every pest control professional who deals with termites needs one of these tools in their inventory.

Premium Selection

At, all of the top termite rods used to apply termiticide into hard to reach places and includes products such as B&G’s Versatools and Versaguns. What makes our selection unique is that we also offer a huge selection of termite rod parts and components, which allow you to perform routine maintenance on your equipment and greatly extend its lifespan.

To help you tackle any termite infestation with ease, we carry a full line-up of the following products:

  • termite tips

  • valve assemblies

  • tip adapters

  • repair kits

  • springs

  • valve triggers and trigger pins

  • rod screws

  • trigger locks

  • seat gaskets

  • valve rods

  • wing nuts

  • Viton seals, and many other types of parts.

Experts in Pest Control isn’t just here to sell you pest control products. We are here to help you maximize your productivity on the job, while minimizing costs. We are here to keep pest control professionals be profitable and successful in the field.

This is why we maintain such a large inventory of parts. If you regularly maintain your equipment and do minor repairs, you can greatly extend the lifespan of your equipment. It also lessens the risk of equipment failure, and costly downtime. This saves you with ongoing costs. . Check out our termite rodding equipment and termite rod parts and order what you need today! We are here to help you succeed!