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Bee Helmets, Gloves & Veils

For beekeepers and professional pest control professionals, it’s important to have safe and effective bee protective gear if you’re in close contact with a hive or swarm.

If you encounter a large hive, any perceived threat or aggression will spark an army of angry bees if you’re not careful. Even if you do not have an allergy, a large number of bee stings is not only painful, but can be very dangerous to your health. That’s why we carry a selection of bee helmets, beekeeper’s gloves, and beekeeping veils for your protection.

Protect Yourself

Bee protective gear allows you to get close to the hive while minimizing any risk of injury If you have the proper gear, you have more control over the situation and can therefore be less harmful to the bees. For instance, you can try chemical-free bee control methods before you have to resort to bee control products. This is not only safer, but often more budget-friendly.

People often think that it is enough to simply wear long sleeves and gloves when dealing with bees, but bees will successfully find any exposed or insufficiently covered area of skin with the potential to sting.

Our bee protective gear is specifically designed for complete protection. We offer professional-grade bee helmets, gloves and veils that have been thoroughly tested. All of our protective apparel and accessories are durable, breathable, and proven to prevent stings and bodily injury.

Our beekeeper’s gloves are lightweight and made of leather to be both practical and shielding. Each glove features a soft cowhide lower panel to ensure functionality and a protective and sturdy upper canvas side. Aside from their practicality and effectiveness, our gear and accessories are priced affordably to keep you focused on the tools and products you need to get the job done.

The Protective Gear and Products You Need

Are you dealing with a swarm or infestation and don’t know where to start? Or, do you have questions about any of our other bee or pest control products? Whatever your concerns, our team of dedicated professionals have the expertise to keep you informed and protected in the field. Call us at 1-800-675-7485 or reach us online through our contact page. 

Whether you need to exterminate your bees, move a nest, or simply take a peek at what they are up to, our bee protective gear keeps you safe!