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Actisol Parts

The Actisol Compact Unit delivers when it comes to effective pest control. This device mixes a small amount of insecticide with air, which atomizes the mixture. When atomized, insecticide spray can reach deep into cracks, crevices, and voids to target insects. Thanks to our large selection of Actisol parts, you can regularly maintain this excellent device and avoid breakdowns. No longer do you have to worry about downtime due to a dysfunctional unit.

Every Part You Need

We carry all of the essential parts for the Actisol Compact Unit. What part needs replacing? We stock replacement 12” wands, 18” wands, stem sub assemblies, springs, screws, caps, sleeves, fluid caps, O-rings, tank filters, shoulder straps, tubing, and much more.

We also have Actisol parts diagrams available to download at no cost. This makes your repair work much easier. You can see where everything goes.

Pest Control Experts

At, our team is made up of industry professionals who have over 100 years of combined experience with spraying equipment. We use our extensive experience to supply pest control professionals with the best equipment in the business. Reliable equipment allows for maximum productivity and profitability, because pest control professionals aren’t wasting money on bad equipment and money-losing downtime. Our large selection of parts allows professionals to maintain their equipment to keep it working great for a lifetime. Order your Actisol parts with us today!

If you have any questions about our parts or equipment, please give us a call at 1-800-675-7485 or send us an email. Our pest control experts will be happy to help.