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Pressure Relief Valves

It is common to have a pressure relief valve on your spraying equipment, allowing you to regulate the pressure of your pump. By doing so, you can control the flow rate of your pesticide or herbicide. We carry Spraying Systems 6815 Pressure Relief Valve, which features an extra large valve passage, allowing for a full flow with minimum pressure loss. Its free-floating seat design improves overall speed and sensitivity of valve action. This 300-PSI model is a high-quality relief valve manufactured with solid brass bodies and stainless steel seats for extra longevity.

Reliable Parts

We carry Spraying Systems relief valves, which is an ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 certified manufacturer. These relief valves feature incredibly accurate pressure control and their quality sourcing ensures they will keep working for you. The valves are completely rebuildable and we carry repair kits which allow you to maintain these parts. There’s no need to buy new valves when they get worn out.

In addition, we offer Hypro control units. These units are used to control pressure on Hypro diaphragm pumps. Should you ever need repairs, we have repair kits for general maintenance and to keep your equipment in its optimal shape.

Pest Control Experts

At we carry all of the pest control components you need to build a high performance rig that works for you on the job. We have everything down to the pressure relief valves, and we make sure to carry only high quality parts that are worth your investment. Browse our relief valve inventory and order what you need now!