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Tank Fittings

Tank fittings are critical sprayer tank components that every pest control and weed control professional should have. You never know when you’ll need a replacement part or component. Most times, it actually happens when you least expect it.

At QSpray, we know that every part of professional spray equipment must be in it’s best condition to perform well in various applications. It’s always advisable to carry with you a repair or replacement kit during spraying operations. We have a variety of fittings for storage tanks used in professional spraying applications.

Quality Fittings for Your Tank

Our Norwesco Bulkhead tank fittings come designed and manufactured to maximize functionality and performance of storage tanks. The high-quality fittings are an ideal choice for storage tanks used in commercial or residential pest control or weed control applications.

Having been in the industry for many years, we know that having the right quality fittings and components for your spraying equipment is what ensures reliability and effectiveness in all spraying applications. Anything that falls short of that will cause problems.

Design flaws can cause pest control and weed control companies expensive repair expenses, downtime, lost revenue and missed appointments. To counteract this, our mission has been to supply the highest quality spraying equipment and components that you can count on.

Our Bulkhead Fittings

Our water tank fittings are made of polypropylene with EPDM gaskets and come in different sizes to suit your fitting needs. The fittings come with female pipe threads on both sides and consist of four parts:

  • Bolt
  • Nut
  • 2 gaskets
  • Fitting screws on counter clockwise

Proper Guide on Fitting Installations

Tank accessories will not work well if they’re not installed the right way. You’ll need other components like a gasket, washer and nut to ensure proper sealing of the fitting on the tank. Be sure not to tighten the poly fittings. If over tightened, the fittings may be damaged and end up leaking.

If thread sealant is used, be sure that it’s rated for use with the exact tank fittings and water pressure to be contained. If you’re not sure of correct fitting selection or installation, QSpray offers product selection and installation guidelines for your spray equipment needs.  

We’re Here to Help

If you’re ready to buy spraying equipment or components, but you’re unsure on exactly what to buy or which sprayer suits your needs, don’ worry. We’re always here to assist you.

Select from a range of durable equipment, designed to perform well even in the toughest spraying jobs. Whether you’re spraying pesticides in a farm, getting rid of weeds or any other pest control or weed control operation, we have the right sprayers and components for you.

Order Online Today  

The quality and effectiveness of your spraying equipment and components directly affects the success of your spraying jobs. Don’t ruin your project by using anything less than the best equipment for pest control and weed control.

At QSpray, we make it easy and fast to order sprayer parts, tank fittings, and other critical components at the best prices in the market. If you have questions while browsing our products, be sure to contact us.