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Shurflo Sprayer Pumps & Replacement Parts has several versions of the Shurflo sprayer pump in stock for pest and weed professionals. As an excellent choice for power sprayer rigs, Shurflo pumps are well-suited to many types of weed, pest, and landscape jobs. These pumps are versatile workhorses that can provide years of dependable service with regular maintenance.


Pumps and Parts

Whatever power sprayer configuration you have, we have a Shurflo pump that is perfect for your needs. We have 100 PSI, 1.8 GPM pumps that feature both male and female pipe thread fittings on the input and output ends. We also have a 45 PSI, 3 GPM pump that features male pipe thread fittings. Finally, if you need a high flow pump, our 60 PSI, 5 GPM pump will suit your needs just fine.

Additionally, we carry all of the Shurflo replacement parts you need to keep your pumps in peak condition. We have:

  • spare wingnuts

  • switch assemblies

  • valve assemblies

  • diaphragm assemblies

  • upper housings

  • fuse kits

  • toggle switches

  • plus more!  

Pest Control Experts

At, our experts have over 100 combined years of experience repairing pest control equipment. We’ve had plenty of time to observe what works in the field, and we’re confident that the selection of Shurflo pumps will not let you down. We’re here to help professionals save money and stay productive, and we carry all of the parts you need to maintain your equipment.

Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-675-7485 and our experts will be happy to help. Check out our selection and order your Shurflo sprayer pump now.