225 Gallon Roller Pump Component Mount Sprayer

SKU: QES 225
1.00 LBS

225 Gallon Roller Pump Component Mount Sprayer

Great for your large pest, termite or weed jobs.  Pre or Post.

225 Gallon Poly Tank

5.5 HP GX160 Commercial Grade Engine

Hypro 7560XL Silver Series Roundup Ready Roller Pump

Cox Hose Reel

200' of 1/2" Heavy Duty Spray Hose

Green Garde Gun


This is a component mount sprayer.  All components bolt directly to the vehicle, which gives you a lot more flexibility and space efficiency.  There is no skid/frame.


Trailer & installation are NOT included.  It is not worth shipping a trailer.  Purchase a trailer locally and install this sprayer.  See details below.


Comes with Qspray's 90 Day GOLD Money Back Guarantee


We ship you 3 components on a boxed pallet: Tank, Pump/Motor Assembly, Hose Reel.  Everything is plumbed and ready for installation.   

You would unbolt the components from the pallet and bolt them to your vehicle. 

There will be about 3 hose connections you will have to attach.  We include hose and clamps.  We include extra hose so you can position the components exactly where you want them, creating the optimal set up for your business.







NOTE: The Hypro 7560XL Roller pump is a great high volume pump for pesticides and herbicides.  It is not designed for use with granular products such as fertilizers.  If you want to pump fertilizers, please let us know and will will quote a different sprayer.