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When you are carrying a large volume of liquid on a vehicle, that liquid will tend to slosh around and transfer energy. This can cause strain on liquid tanks, on the vehicle, and on the driver. This also poses a safety hazard. Luckily there are innovative liquid surge control solutions, with Surgebusters presenting some of the best solutions for stopping the movement of liquid in your tank.

Surge busters are innovative anti-surge systems that can eliminate 96% of the surge energy in your liquid load. Just install these baffles in your liquid tanks and they will dissipate energy from within the tank. This results in a safer load, reduced driver stress, reduced stress on the vehicle, and reduced stress on the tank. You can use this product for liquidsurge control on a variety of liquids such as water, fuel, pesticides, and herbicides.

Quality Products

Depending on the size of your tank lids, we carry 15”, 7”, and miniature Surgebusters. For your convenience, you can buy single baffles or save money and buy them in bulk. Surgebusters are an efficient and affordable solution, and will save you in numerous maintenance costs that build up over time due to the stress of surge on vehicles and equipment.

Experts in Pest Control

Liquid Surge control is just one of the many ways that assists pest control professionals in becoming more effective in the field and saving money. Browse our selection of SurgeBusters and order what you need today.