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Comet Diaphragm Pumps

Comet diaphragm pumps are industrial grade pumps from an ISO:9001 quality manufacturer that handle large volumes of hard to handle liquids with ease. These pumps make for a great addition to power sprayer rigs, and can easily be hooked up to gas engines. Comet pumps are perfect for pest control and weed control applications that require a large amount of spraying. These pumps can handle pesticides, herbicides, liquid fertilizers, de-icing products, and much more.

Professional Grade Equipment

We carry three different types of Comet diaphragm units so you may select the pump that is best suited to your application:

  • APS41

  • MC25

  • MP30

Weighing generously from 28 lbs to 30 lbs, Comet pumps are an excellent investment as they are manufactured from anodized aluminum for pressure and resistance. Additionally, Comet pumps will provide you with years of service if you keep them well-maintained.

Pest Control Experts

Qspray.com carries the best pest control equipment in the industry. As pest control experts, it is our passion to help professionals in the field maximize their productivity. We do this by providing top notch equipment and quality spare parts to keep the equipment working well. Our Comet diaphragm pumps are perfect for serious pest and weed control professionals, and we can help you get the most out of your Comet pumps. Check out our selection of quality equipment and order what you need today.