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Hose Reel Swivels

Our hose reel swivels are heavy duty parts that are used with the Cox hose reel. With a Cox hose reel swivel, you have a crucial component to a professional grade power sprayer rig. Custom sprayer rigs with high-quality components provide superior productivity in pest, weed, and termite applications. Let us help you build and maintain a reliable power sprayer for excellent performance on the job.

High-Quality Parts

We carry a variety of Cox hose reel swivels and replacement parts so you can keep your Cox reel and sprayer rig in the best condition. We have standard heavy duty reel swivels, 90-degree reel swivels, and all of the repair kits you need to rebuild your swivels.

We also carry the super swivel and its necessary repair kits. The super swivel is the best swivel component in the industry and delivers consistently high performance.

For each swivel, it is a good idea to keep spare repair kits, as the o-rings will wear out over time. If your swivel starts to wear out and leak, you can make the repair right away and avoid downtime.

Pest Control Experts is the foremost expert on pest control equipment. Our custom built power sprayers are the best in the industry, high-quality and field tested. Shop our store for your hose reel swivels and order yours today.