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Maruyama Sprayers & Pumps

A quality chemical sprayer makes all the difference in weed and pest control. With a good sprayer, you can easily distribute weed killer or insecticide over long distances with steady pressure, ensuring you stay productive and effective on the job.

When you buy a Maruyama sprayer, you’re investing in superior quality. At, that’s why we offer a selection of leading Maruyama products, including their signature pumps and sprayers. With our low prices on this top-notch equipment, you will be able to landscape for less!

Maruyama Pumps And More

We currently offer two types of Maruyama sprayers: the electric backpack and the gas power sprayer. The backpack can hold up to four gallons and sprays 145 PSI at full pressure, while the gas power sprays an incredible 356 PSI.

In addition to these amazing products, we are also proud to provide our customers with parts to repair their Maruyama equipment, such as the Maruyama piston pump. These components are powerful, and with spare parts readily available, they can be durable, too!

Any Questions?

At, our staff of industry professionals has over 100 combined years experience with pest, weed, & landscaping equipment. We use this knowledge to provide you with the best chemicals, sprayers, and pumps, ensuring you stay productive no matter what.

Do you have questions about the Maruyama sprayers or pumps? Visit our Contact page to get in touch with us today. We look forward to outfitting you with a high-quality sprayer!