Birchmeier 12054901 Shoulder Straps

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Birchmeier 12054901 Shoulder Straps Set 


This item is on backorder from Birchmeier.  They have not provided a re-stock date.  We have temporarily removed this item from our Birchmeier in-stock guarantee.




This is the new shoulder straps set for the Old Style and New Style, Birchmeier backpack sprayers.

Includes connecting hardware - see photo






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Product Videos

Installation Guide For Birchmeier Backpack Straps 12054901 01:32

Check out this video where I explain how to install the new Birchmeier backpack straps onto Birchmeier backpacks. The new straps are made to fit the new AT3 Birchmeier backpack sprayers, but they also fit the older style backpack sprayers. A set of clips comes with the new backpack straps for the older style backpacks. At Qspray, we have received questions from quite a few customers regarding how to put the steel hook clips on the new straps. We created a short video to show you how quick and easy the process is. If you have more questions on Birchmeier backpacks, please let me know. When you need Birchmeier backpacks parts or repair kits please visit us at ⭐ At we offer the highest-quality spray equipment for pest control & weed control and landscape professionals on the market at extremely affordable prices. Here you can find professional-grade manual sprayers, power sprayers, backpack sprayers, dusters, bird control cages, bee suits, and everything else you need to get the job done. ? FOLLOW US Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #birchmeier #birchmeierbackpack #pestcontrol #pesttechs #sprayer #backpacksprayer #sprayequipmentexpert #pestcontrolsprayers #sprayerparts #QSpray #sprayequipmentexpert #sprayequipment #weedcontrol #landscaping #sprayers #pestcontrolsprayer #weedcontrolsprayer #powersprayer

Birchmeier 12054901 Shoulder Straps Set

Birchmeier 12054901 Shoulder Straps

MODEL: BI 12054901


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