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Pesticide foggers are specifically designed to deliver improved results in numerous pest control applications. Foggers do this by mixing a small amount of insecticide with air, which atomizes the mixture. Pesticide particles in this mixture are the perfect size for deep coverage in hard to reach places. This atomized mixture is then delivered deep into cracks, crevices, and voids with a high volume stream of air.

Due to their effectiveness at reaching flying pests easily, foggers are being implemented across the country to combat mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus and other pathogens that spread through flying insects. If you’re a pest control professional in areas prone to mosquitoes and other airborne pests, consider investing in quality pesticide foggers today.

Quality Equipment

We stock several high-quality foggers for your professional pest control needs. We carry the Actisol Compact Unit with 12” and 18” wands. This is a high-performance unit that delivers superior service. We also have regular and professional model B&G foggers with 9” and 18” wands, as well as a B&G electric Flex-A-Lite fogger. Our Whitemire System 3 Aerosol Dispensing System is another excellent choice, and we also carry a holster and belt for easy carry.

Experts in Pest Control

At, we pride ourselves in carrying the highest quality pest control equipment in the industry. That is because our experts have worked closely with professionals in the field to determine what tools and techniques are working the best. We are well known in the industry for our unmatched expertise and customer service.

We believe in reliable equipment that improves productivity, and our high-quality pesticide foggers demonstrate that. Take a look at our selection of foggers and order yours today!