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Think Up A Good Name - Win A Birchmeier Backpack!

Posted by Andrew Greess on

We need your help!  Help us name our Power Sprayer Guarantee and you could win a Birchmeier Backpack or a B&G Sprayer - absolutely free!

At Qspray.com, we build great power sprayers and we stand behind them.  We have the industry's only MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on our most-popular pest control sprayers and weed control sprayers. For 90 days, if you are not happy, we will buy the sprayer back for a full refund INCLUDING SHIPPING! No one else stands behind their power spray rigs like this. (You can read the full details on the program here).     

Spray rig money back guarantee


Power Sprayers GuaranteeAnyway, everyone tells us we need to have a name for our power sprayer guarantee. That's where you come in. Submit your suggestion for the program's name. If we pick your submission, you get your choice of a Birchmeier Backpack or a B&G Sprayer.  

Complete contest rules are below.

Some thoughts to help guide your creative process.

 We want to convey:






Top Quality


No Worries

No Downtime for your business


Contest Rules:

Contest Details:We will award one B&G SPRAYER N124-S-18 (one gallon 18" wand) or one BIRCHMEIER 10K OR 15K BACKPACK SPRAYER to the winner. Winner has choice of B&G or Birchmeier. Qspray will also pay Fedex ground shipping on the prize to lower 48 states.Contest ends 8/31/17. End date subject to change. birchmeier-10k-flox-backpack-sprayer.jpgWinner selected by qspray.com.  We must have 20 entries for the contest to be live and a prize to be awarded.  We may at our discretion add additional prizes if we receive sufficient entries.  All submissions become the property of Qspray.com.  All rules are subject to change on the whim of Qspray.com and Andrew Greess.

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400 Gallon Weed Spray Rig Designed for Maximum Productivity

We built this 400 Gallon Weed Control Spray Rig for Roadrunner Public Health of Albuquerque, NM.  Roadrunner won the City contract to spray all the alleys in the City.  That's hundreds of miles of alleys.  They needed a Weed Control Sprayer that would allow them to quickly, productively and cost-effectively spray all those alleys. After a number of [...]

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Cool Weed Control Spray Trailer for City of Phoenix Aviation Department

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Weed Control Sprayer - Think Productivity Not Just Price

This is a weed control sprayer we built for a utility back east.  It is 225 gallon, skid-mount with Honda engine, Hypro roller pump and dual Cox Hose reels.  ']The utility wanted to have two techs spraying utility right of ways at the same time, so they requested 2 hose reels.  This was smart thinking on [...]

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Birchmeier Backpack Rebuild Valve Repair Kit

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Birchmeier Backpack Annual Maintenance Suggestions

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