400 Gallon Weed Spray Rig Designed for Maximum Productivity

Posted by Andrew Greess on May 21st 2017

We built this 400 Gallon Weed Control Spray Rig for Roadrunner Public Health of Albuquerque, NM. 

Roadrunner won the City contract to spray all the alleys in the City.  That's hundreds of miles of alleys.  They needed a Weed Control Sprayer that would allow them to quickly, productively and cost-effectively spray all those alleys.

After a number of detailed conversations with Roadrunner about their requirements, as well as the dimensions of the alleyways, we designed and build this Weed Spray Rig.

This Weed Spray Rig has these features:

400 Gallon Poly Tank with Jet Agitation

Honda Electric Start GX160 5.5 HP Engine

AR115 Triple Diaphragm Pump (max 28 gpm)

Dual Cox Electric Hose Reels for maximum productivity

Boomless Nozzle Assemlby: removable, 6 nozzle Weed Spray Bar, controlled by toggle switches mounted inside the cab.

We used 6 boomless nozzles for the weed spray boom because, based on alley widths, Roadrunner needed to be able to spray:

1.  3 feet on either side of the vehicle

2.  6 feet on either side of the vehicle

3.  The area behind the vehicle

4.  Any combination of 1, 2 & 3 above.

Client was thrilled with the weed spray rig and weed boomless nozzle assembly.