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Vice President

American Expresss Travel Related Services

1984 – 1997

Travelled the world throughout my 13 years with American Express and saw the pain and destruction that pests and weeds caused globally. This was the source of inspiration to create a pest control and equipment company.


Owner & Bee Suits Expert

2007 – Present

Andrew Greess, President - Bee Suits is a bee suit expert. The company, Bee Suits is a leading Internet seller of top quality; professional grade bee suits at discount prices. Greess has built a low cost model, with no rent, no sales people and no overhead, that allows Bee Suits Cheap to sell the best bee suits at the lowest prices.

Greess is a graduate of University of Virginia and the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management. The international degree has been particularly valuable in dealing with Africanized Honey Bees



Jan 2010 – Present

Pest. Weed. Lawn. Spray Equipment. Professional Grade. 
We have the equipment, parts & repair kits to keep you operating & productive.

Our goal is to help our customers, pest control & landscape firms, be productive and profitable. We believe that the right spray equipment, properly designed, selected & installed, can significantly add to your company’s bottom line. Conversely, the wrong equipment, at any price, means wasted time, wasted chemical, missed jobs, more downtime & excessive repair costs. 

We spend a lot more time thinking about pest control (& landscape) spray equipment than anyone else. For example, what will it be like to perform maintenance on this equipment, can you do the maintenance in-house, are replacement parts readily available, are the parts that require maintenance readily available? Questions like these are often overlooked until a pest control power sprayer or other piece of equipment needs maintenance.

As nationally published author of the industry-leading “Stop Spraying Money Down the Drain”, I write on spray equipment topics to help you think of potential problems BEFORE they occur. This saves you time, money & customers. Our articles have been published in national magazines such as Pest Management Professional, Pest Control Technology, Landscape Management, Golf Course Industry and Parks & Rec Business. 

We help our customers’ select the right pest control equipment (or landscape equipment) with proven strategies for equipment purchase, use & maintenance. And unlike so many others, we stock the little parts, like o-rings, that are hard to find. 

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Andrew Greess is the president of Quality Equipment & Spray (, a leading manufacturer of custom pest and weed spray equipment. As a national spray equipment expert, Greess consults on equipment issues for various pest and landscape companies. Greess – who has a B.S. in finance from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management – shares his extensive pest control equipment expertise as a technical columnist for Pest Management Professional magazine. He’s the author of, the Internet’s leading source for advice about designing, maintaining and operating pest control equipment for improved profitability. Greess speaks to national and regional audiences about numerous spray equipment topics.


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