Weed Control Sprayer - Sometimes Low Tech Works Great

Weed Control Sprayer - Sometimes Low Tech Works Great

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 24, 2021

We recently delivered two 225 Gallon Weed Control Trailers to our client, City of Phoenix, AZ.

Some features:

225 Gallon Poly Leg Tank

Anti-Siphon Tank Fill (garden hose and 2" hydrant)

Hypro Jet agitation

Honda GX160 5.5 HP engine

Hypro 7560XL Roller Pump

Cox Electric Rewind Hose Reel with 4-Way Roller Guides

250' 1/2" ID Heavy-Duty PVC Spray Hose

Green Garde 38505 Spray Gun on Quick Disconnect

Dual Boomless Nozzles on Adjustable Arms, Remote Driver Controls

Steel Tool Box

Single Axle Flatbed Trailer

weed control spray trailer

What I love about this weed sprayer:

Left and right side Boominator 180-10R boomless nozzles.  Each boomless nozzle sprays a 10' spray swath to the side of the trailer.  Each nozzle is on an steel arm that adjusts in an out.  This gives the applicator the flexibility to spray a variety of areas.  

Sometimes simple is better.  There is nothing to break or malfunction here (unless the driver hits a tree).

weed spray trailer

Each nozzle is controlled by a Spraying Systems Electric Ball valve.  The electric valves are wired to a 12V battery on the trailer and each valve is controlled by a toggle switch on a remote box that the operator can take into the vehicle cab.  The battery also powers the Cox Electric Rewind Hose Reel.

spray trailer

The benefit of this setup is that the weed spray rig can be used by any vehicle with a hitch.  If the weed control power sprayer was in a truck with the electric ball valves wired to the truck battery, when the truck unavailable, e.g, in for service, the weed control spray rig would be unusable.

We also made it easy to fill the tank.  The anti-siphon, air gap device, can be connected to either a 3/4" garden hose or a 2" Hydrant Fill (for faster filling), depending on where the weed control spray trailer is located and what water source is avaiable.

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