Power Spray Trailers – Important Considerations Before Purchase

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 16, 2021

Qspray builds lots of power spray trailers for our customers. Most are either  weed control trailers or termite control trailers.

Lots of spray equipment customers and prospects ask me what I think about  power spray trailers versus truck mount power sprayers.                          

weed control power sprayer

Here are some thoughts:

Trailer Sprayer Pros:

Doesn’t tie up your truck with spray equipment. You can still leave your termite spray trailer at home and take your wife/husband out to dinner in your truck.

Truck doesn’t depreciate as much as it will with spray equipment installed (chemicals & weight put lots of extra stress on your truck).

Not dependent on one vehicle. If you have a problem with your truck, you can use another vehicle to haul the  weed control trailer.

You can often get a larger tank on a trailer than you can in your service vehicle. This boosts productivity by allowing the technician to do more or larger jobs each day without having to stop to fill up.

Trailer Sprayer Cons:

weed control power spray trailer  

Trailer sprayers are more difficult to maneuver. Some people find them difficult to backup or maneuver in tight spaces.

Trailers can be more prone to accidents. Talk to your insurance agent before purchasing. I personally would not let a young driver pull a trailer. See our prior  trailer sprayer post for accident photos.

Storage & security can be an issue and should be considered before purchase.

Please contact Qspray if you would like a power spray trailer quote.