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Qspray Power Spray Trailer Rocks His Business!

Posted by Andrew Greess on

Many thanks to our client, Keith Joy of Lakeside Ohio for this great testimonial about Qspray Power Spray Rigs.

Qspray built Keith a 225-Gallon Component Mount  Power Spray Trailer earlier this year and were thrilled to get his email:

Hello Andrew,

Thanks so much for your help in helping me select and assemble a high quality pest control spray rig for applying insecticide on residential properties here in our Lakeside (Ohio) community.

You listened to what my needs were and then assembled the components to meet and then exceed my expectations.

I had previously used an electric and gas backpack sprayer for several years and was somewhat reluctant to change over to a hose reel feeling that it would slow me down. 

I made the change because I was concerned about taking a fall with 30 gallons of water on my back resulting in an injury. 

I was pleasantly surprised that with the electric rewind hose reel and with the spray volume, 

I was able to apply more product faster and do 20% more work each day. 

I am an owner operator and do this for 4 months each year . I am finished now for the season with nearly 600 properties sprayed without a minute of down time.

The increased business I was able to do and the subsequent increase in gross sales allowed me to pay for this unit with new business in just two months!

My only regret is that I didn't do it 5 years ago.

Thanks again! 


Keith - thanks so much for your kind words.  Here are the specs of this beautiful Pest Control Trailer Sprayer:

225 Gallon Poly Leg Tank

Honda GX160 5.5 HP Engine

Maruyama MSD41 Piston Pump

Cox Hose Reel, Electric Rewind

raised on reel lift for easy access

200' 1/2" 800 PSI Chemical Spray Hose

Quick Disconnects for easy tool storage & servicing

Green Garde Spray Gun

Want one for your business?  

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