Hypro Roller Pumps - Which One Do I Need?

Hypro Roller Pumps - Which One Do I Need?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 23, 2021

I am often asked, which Hypro Roller Pump should I purchase from

Hypro roller pumps are great pumps for a variety of power sprayer applications. Roller pumps can provide higher output at than other types of pumps for the same or lower cost. Roller pumps can provide reasonable pressure to push through long hoses as well.

Roller pumps can be particularly well-suited for high volume applications such as termite pretreats or weed preemergents.

Hypro roller pump

Roller pumps come in multiple sizes, plus 3 grades and 2 configurations.


The size of the roller pump determines the output volume in gallons per minute.

The most popular Hypro Roller Pumps are:

4000 Series - 4 Rollers, 7 - 9 GPM

6500 Series - 6 Rollers, 18 GPM

7560 Series - 8 Rollers, 22 GPM

1700 Series - 5 Rollers, 45 GPM



Grades (in order of cost and quality):

6500C - This is a cast pump, designed for water.

6500N – This is a Ni-Resist pump great for pest control.

6500XL – This is the top of the line, Silver Series Round-Up ready pump designed for liquid herbicides.

If you use a pump that is a lower grade than what it is designed for, it won’t last as long.


For each grade of pumps there is the standard pump and the -R, or reversed pump.

Standard pumps are designed to be driven with belts and pulleys. This means the shaft of the pump and the shaft of the engine are facing the same direction (e.g., parallel).

-R, or reversed pumps, have the input and output reversed and are designed to be driven with jaw style couplings. This means the shaft of the pump and motor are basically pointing at each other. Reversed pumps are designed to turn slower and are generally used with Gear-Reduced engines. Since the pumps turn slower, GPM output of reversed pumps is significantly lower than standard pumps.

You can switch from one grade of roller pump to another (in the same model, e.g.,, 6500) with no problem. Switching from standard to reversed requires significant changes and is not recommended.

There are pros and cons to each grade and configuration of Hypro roller pump.

Want more info?  

Download the Hypro Roller Pump Brochure

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