Power Spray Rig Destroyed by Negligence, Lack of Training

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 31st 2018

This Power Spray Rig was abuse and misused.  The lack of training by the technician destroyed this weed control spray rig.   A little training & attention will save your company money and extend the life of your pest control sprayer.

Watch this short video about one company's power sprayer.

Some key points:

1.  Don't let your technicians operate your power spray rigs until they have been properly trained

2.  Company owners and supervisors need to periodically inspect their pest control power spray rigs.

3.  Just because you trained your technician 5 years ago on how to properly operate your landscape power sprayer, doesn't mean he is still doing what you want him to do.  Retraining is required.

4.  Don't ignore preventive maintenance on your power sprayers or other pest control & landscape equipment.