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Commercial Pest Control Equipment Hall of Shame

Posted by Andrew Greess on

At QSpray we repair and service commercial pest control sprayers every day. Over time we have seen our share of mistakes made with equipment. We like to save the best of the best mistakes and highlight them in our "Hall of Shame," so that you can learn from the mistakes of others.

Today we have a simple tip from a common spray gun, the AA 36 gun. Upon closer inspection you can see that it's angled, when it shouldn't be. The technician in this incident failed to lock the hose reel and as soon as the truck began driving the spray gun dislodged off the truck and was dragged. In testament to the driver's ability, it's super smooth and wasn't bounced around.

I am Andrew Greess at QSpray reminding you that simple safety checks on your equipment before pulling away can save time, money and embarrassment.

Watch the video &/or read the transcript below:

Andrew Greess: Hi. This is Andrew Greess with QSpray.com. We not only build great sprayers for pest control, landscape, termite control, but we service them as well. When equipment comes in for service, we see some mighty strange things.

We've created the Technician Hall of Shame for some of the worst and most horrible examples of abuse of commercial pest control sprayers equipment. I have an example right here. Many pest control companies and weed control companies use what's called a Spraying Systems 36 Gun. This is the tip from the 36 Gun, except you can see it's completely worn down on one side.

What happened here was the tech forgot to lock his hose reel, and the gun bounced out of the truck and was dragged behind the truck, down the freeway, for who knows how many miles.

The bad news is this spray tip was destroyed. The good news is no‑one was killed. Now, another piece of good news was the tech was a really a very good driver. He held the truck nice and steady, because it's a perfect wear pad.

This was not bouncing around. It was dragged behind the truck just beautifully. I guess if you're going to drag your equipment behind your truck, you ought to be a good driver. Anyway, Technician Hall of Shame, make sure and check your equipment before you take off driving. Thanks for visiting us at QSpray.com.

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