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Oberdorfer is a major, US-based pump manufacturer. For over 100 years, Oberdorfer has led the way, with innovative pump designs that have been used aboard ships, in agricultural applications, and in chemical processing. For your convenience, we stock high-quality gear pumps for weed sprayers, pesticides, and insecticides. At Qspray.com, we carry several different Oberdorfer pumps.

Durable Construction For Over 100 Years

Oberdorfer gear pumps are well-known for their construction and attention to detail. Specially cast bronze gears combine with stainless steel shafts for a highly durable component you can rely on for power. We stock several powerful bronze gear pumps:

  • The Oberdorfer N4000 Bronze Gear Pump (½”)

  • The Oberdorfer N7000 Bronze Gear Pump (¾”)

  • The Oberdorfer N9000 Bronze Gear Pump (1”)

Each model features Oberdorfer’s signature helical gearing mechanism, which features gears cut on an angle, allowing for more material contact which results in greater material customization, hydraulic range, and quieter pumping action.

Our Oberdorfer pumps are great for their consistent liquid displacement. You can expect a consistent and powerful function every time you use it, guaranteeing solid results for you and your business.

Our Guarantee

At Qspray.com, we offer products that are designed to improve the quality of your work. We guarantee that we are working hard to find the best products and  deliver you these items at an affordable rate.

A consistent, durable pump is an important piece of equipment to have if you are in the weed or pest control business. Oberdorfer pumps are an unbeatable option featuring value and quality. If you’d like to know more about our lineup of Oberdorfer components and pumps, call our team of specialists at 1-800-675-7485 or send us a message through our contact form.

Take a look now and see how Oberdorfer gear pumps can maximize your sprayer’s potential!