Coxreels for Pest Control and Weed Control Professionals

Coxreels for Pest Control and Weed Control Professionals

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 8, 2021

Qspray carries the best products for pest control and weed control professionals. One of our favorites is Coxreels hose reels. Made for the discerning pest and weed control professional that needs a dependable reel for your power sprayer rig. Coxreels produces essential product that you can invest in and rely on for your business.

Coxreels are known for their extreme durability and smooth reeling action, these hose reels can efficiently wrap up your hoses without fuss or fumbling. With these reels, you can greatly increase productivity in the field by keeping your equipment organized. This way, you can rapidly unwind and wind your hoses and deploy your sprayers without having to worry about tangles and other mishaps. 

Learn more about Coxreels below:

Cox Hose Reel Swivels - What You Need To Know

Cox Hose Reels makes a great product that is used by many pest and landscape professionals.

Cox Reels are well built and designed for hard use.

The Cox hose reel swivel on the input side of the hose reel is the part that takes the most abuse and is usually the part that requires maintenance first.

This blog post will share everything you need to know about Cox Hose Reel Swivels

Coxreels Hose Reel Maintenance

Many of our customers use Coxreels spring rewind reels including applications such as water hose reels, air hose reels, welding reels, cable reels, etc. All of these reels rely on a Cox Replacement Spring Can, also known as a spring motor, to rewind the hose or cable back onto the reel.

Qspray stocks the most popular Coxreels Spring Cans so we have them available for you when you need them. We usually ship these cox spring cans the same day so your downtime is minimized.

Learn more about Coxreel Maintenance here

Qspray – Cox Hose Reel Repairs

Downtime due to needed equipment repairs isn't something anyone looks forward too. Since you might not want to have spare Cox Hose Reel discs on hand tries to stock all colors and discs for both manual and electric reels for when you need them most. Most often these side discs need replacement after an accident and they become dented and no longer spin true. 

There are a few differences between the discs so pay close attention and make sure you are ordering the right wheel for the side you need replaced. On the manual hose reel there are two a disc with holes for the reel lock and one without any holes on the swivel side. For the Electric Hose Reel you need to be sure you order the correct disc so it has the teeth that the motorized gear will sit in and turn the disc. Visit for all your repair and replacement part needs.

Learn more about Cox hose reel repairs here

Heavy Duty Cox Hose Reel SHN 350

Spray carries quality equipment and today we wanted to highlight this heavy duty piece of equipment: the Cox Hose Reel SHN 350. Many shops use this hose reel for air but it can actually carry water as well. Lots of features on this unit to keep your hose safe and organized: a roller guide, a hose cap so the hose can't wind all the way into the reel, and automatic rewind.

Great for a shop as it’s a heavy unit, the guide arm does adjust for floor, wall, ceiling or vehicle mounting. The Cox Hose Reel SHN 350 has a two-year manufacture warranty. Order one of these for your shop today from

Learn more about the Cox Hose Reel SHN 350

Get to Know the Coxreel 1125 4 200 Model Hose Reel

he Coxreel 1125-4-200 model is a top seller and high quality piece of equipment for both pest control and weed control/landscaping clients. There are a number of optional accessories that can be added to the Coxreels that are help extend the life of your hose reel and the hose itself. The roller guide seen here added to the model helps ensure that the hose stays in front of the reel and won't slip off to the side and it also helps protect your truck if it is mounted on your vehicle.

This model, like all Coxreels, are made of powder coated heavy duty steel. Blue is the standard color but you can pay a little extra for red or black models if that is your choice. All reels come with a two-year manufacturer's warranty and QSpray carries all the Coxreel parts needed to repair or replace items.

earn more about the Coxreel 1125

Heavy Duty Coxreels Electric Hose Reel 1125 4 200 E

The Cox 1125-4-200E is a beautiful, heavy duty piece of equipment that is a great addition to any lawn and garden or pest control company truck. The E simply means its electric versus the manual model. It has a one-third horse power motor on the side which is just right for this size reel. While a solid piece of equipment that has a two-year manufacturer warranty you have to be careful to wind the hose evenly across the drum.

If there is an overload on either side it can pinch between the frame and drum which will throw it out of true and that is an expensive problem to have. We suggest purchasing a push button switch that shuts off when the button is released, removing the possibility of flipping the switch on and walking away and destroy your reel.

f you have more questions or are ready to purchase a Cox 1125-4-200E call or visit us at today, we'll be happy to answer all your questions.

Learn more about the Coxreels Electric 1125 here

Pest, Lawn & Weed Control Cox Hose Reel 1125-4-325E

The Cox Hose Reel 1125-4-325E, is a long name to help describe what the reel will do for you. It holds 325' of ½" hose or 400-450' of 3/8" hose and E simply means it's electric. Many move from the manual reel to the electric after time and when they are tired of winding up their hose in the heat of the day. The reel is best for pest, weed control and lawn applications.

This is a heavy duty piece of equipment has: 3,000 lb PSI brass swivel, one third horsepower motor, heavy duty bearings and the outlet where your hose trail connects has a bend in it so the hose comes straight up, helping extend the life of your hose. Be careful when reeling hose back on to evenly distribute it across the entire reel, overloading one side will cause binding and often causes the reel to spin out of true and it is an expensive repair.

Learn more about the Cox Hose Reel 1125 here

QSpray believes in carrying all the parts for service and repair on equipment that it sells so that you know exactly where to come should you ever need a spare part. For more information on Coxreels or to place an order, contact Qspray today.