Coxreels Hose Reel Maintenance

Coxreels Hose Reel Maintenance

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 9, 2017

Many of our customers use Coxreels spring rewind reels including applications such as water hose reels, air hose reels, welding reels, cable reels, etc.  All of these reels rely on a Cox Replacement Spring Can, also known as a spring motor, to rewind the hose or cable back onto the reel.  

Cox Spring Can replacement

Qspray stocks the most popular

Coxreels Spring Cans so we have them available for you when you need them.   We usually ship these cox spring cans the same day so your downtime is minimized.

Sometimes we get requests for less common replacement cox reel spring motors.  For those items we can usually have them shipped in about 3-4 days.

Coxreels has started producing some great maintenance videos.

The followig video shows in detail how to swap out your Cox Spring Can. It is very well done and we think it will be valuable for our customers.

Cox Spring Can Maintenance Video:

Please let us know your thoughts.  As a reminder we also stock many of the other Cox reels replacement parts.