Heavy Duty Cox Hose Reel SHN 350

Heavy Duty Cox Hose Reel SHN 350

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 26, 2016

QSpray carries quality equipment and today we wanted to highlight this heavy duty piece of equipment: the Cox Hose Reel SHN 350. Many shops use this hose reel for air but it can actually carry water as well. Lots of features on this unit to keep your hose safe and organized: a roller guide, a hose cap so the hose can't wind all the way into the reel, and automatic rewind. 

Great for a shop as it’s a heavy unit, the guide arm does adjust for floor, wall, ceiling or vehicle mounting. The Cox Hose Reel SHN 350 has a two-year manufacture warranty. Order one of these for your shop today from

Andrew Greess: Hi. This is Andrew Greess at Quality Equipment & Spray, Today I want to talk to you about a wonderful product that is used in many shops across the country. It's the Coxreel, the SH‑N‑350. It's got 50' of 3/8'' hose. Most people use this for air, but can also handle water.

It's got a couple nice features. It's got the roller guide, the hose guide to keep the hose in front of the reel. It's got the hose cap, so the hose can't go all the way up on the reel. It has the automatic rewind feature. It's a heavy duty unit.

Its heavy duty seal powder coated blue. It's got a two year manufacturer's warranty and a heavy duty brass silver on the back turn around it's a bit of a heavy unit, but it's a great unit for your shop. Please check it out at Thanks so much for watching.