Pest, Lawn & Weed Control Cox Hose Reel 1125-4-325E

Pest, Lawn & Weed Control Cox Hose Reel 1125-4-325E

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 9, 2016

The Cox Hose Reel 1125-4-325E, is a long name to help describe what the reel will do for you. It holds 325' of ½" hose or 400-450' of 3/8" hose and E simply means it's electric. Many move from the manual reel to the electric after time and when they are tired of winding up their hose in the heat of the day. The reel is best for  pest, weed control and lawn applications

This is a heavy duty piece of equipment has: 3,000 lb PSI brass swivel, one third horsepower motor, heavy duty bearings and the outlet where your hose trail connects has a bend in it so the hose comes straight up, helping extend the life of your hose. Be careful when reeling hose back on to evenly distribute it across the entire reel, overloading one side will cause binding and often causes the reel to spin out of true and it is an expensive repair. 

QSpray believes in carrying all the parts for service and repair on equipment that it sells so that you know exactly where to come should you ever need a spare part.

Andrew Greess: Hi. This is Andrew Greess at Quality Equipment & Spray, Today I'm talking about the Cox Hose Reel 1125‑4‑325‑E. What that means is it holds 325' of 1/2" hose or 400‑ to 450' of 3/8" hose and E means Electric. It's got a one‑third horsepower electric motor here on it.

This is a great unit for a lot of our pest, weed, and landscape clients, particularly our older customers who have tired of winding up their hose in the heat move to the electric. It is a terrific unit. It comes with a two‑year warranty. It's heavy duty powder coat steel.

A couple of other nice features, heavy duty brass swivel, 3,000 PSI, heavy duty bearings, and another nice thing is this outlet where your hose trails connects to has got a bend in it, so your hose comes straight up. You are never going to get a kink in your hose at this point.

A lot of reels don't have this, so the hose kinks which either reduces the life of the hose therefore can cause a constriction that reduces your flow.

A couple of thoughts on this, the one problem we see with the electric hose reel is if someone is not paying attention, if you put all the hose on one side of the reel then the hose can cause a binding action between the drum and the frame and can cause the hose really to get out of [inaudible 1:21] . That's an expensive problem to fix. You don't want to do that.

You want to wind your hose up evenly across the reel. One more point to keep in mind at we not only stock the reel, we stock all the parts. We think it's important for you as a professional if we sell you a piece of equipment first to have the parts, so you don't have the downtime and loss of productivity.

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