B&G IPM Pack Mule - A Great Pest Control Productivity Tool

B&G IPM Pack Mule - A Great Pest Control Productivity Tool

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 12, 2024

This pest control tool is so good our competitors are selling it for DOUBLE the price!

The Qspray B&G IPM Pack Mule is an excellent tool for Pest Control IPM professionals.  It boosts productivity by allowing you to carry all your IPM products on your B&G.  This keeps one hand free and saving numerous trips back to the vehicle.

We knew the B&G IPM Pack Mule was a great product but we didn't know how great until now. 

One of our competitors, is offering our B&G IPM Pack Mule for two and one-half times what we sell it for on!

You think I am kidding?  I am not.  Here is the proof

Not only are they selling our product, they put a picture of yours truly on their website.  Full disclosure: I was much younger when this photo was taken.

The B&G Pack Mule fits over your 1 Gallon B&G sprayer and allows you to carry the tools you need on your B&G Sprayer. No more trips back to the truck. No more juggling tools in both hands. Remove the black plastic B&G tank top and install the pack mule.

The Pack Mule contains 3 pockets to carry your important pest control IPM products.  These are also sold separately.

Aerosol Can Pocket holds your favorite aerosol insecticide. The pocket is padded so the pocket stays open and the can slides in easily, unlike other aerosol can pockets that require 2 hands. This pocket can also hold an 8 oz pest control granule shaker if you prefer.

Duster Pocket - holds your preferred pest control duster. This pockets holds all of the most popular manual pest control insecticide dusters.

Glue Board Pocket holds a full box (72) of your favorite pest control glue boards.

The B&G Pack Mule can be customized with any combination of these 3 pockets (small additional charge applies).

This unique design makes this tool superior to all other B&G Can Covers.

Imagine carrying all your IPM supplies in one hand! Now you can with the B&G Pack Mule.

ORDER B&G IPM PACK MULE TODAY!  For a limited time only, just $46.99!