Qspray – Cox Hose Reel Repairs

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 29, 2016

Downtime due to needed equipment repairs isn't something anyone looks forward too. Since you might not want to have spare  Cox Hose Reel discs on hand tries to stock all colors and discs for both manual and electric reels for when you need them most. Most often these side discs need replacement after an accident and they become dented and no longer spin true. There are a few differences between the discs so pay close attention and make sure you are ordering the right wheel for the side you need replaced. On the manual hose reel there are two a disc with holes for the reel lock and one without any holes on the swivel side. For the Electric Hose Reel you need to be sure you order the correct disc so it has the teeth that the motorized gear will sit in and turn the disc. Visit for all your repair and replacement part needs.

Hi. I'm Andrew Greess with Quality Equipment and Spray and Today we're talking about Cox hose reels.

This is the 1125 series hose reel, which is very popular with our pest, weed, and lawn clients. What I want to do is highlight some of the key components, so that you're aware of what can go wrong, and what to do about it when you have a problem. You want to make sure that your downtime is really minimized. Hopefully, this will help.

Today I want to talk about the disks that go on the sides of the reel. Occasionally these disks get bent and get out of true, which can affect performance. Usually, this happens is if the vehicle's in an accident, and something causes these to bend, they get out of true and need to be replaced. There are actually three different disks.

For the manual reel, there are two different disks. The one on this side with the reel lock actually has holes in it, so it can be locked. You need to order the right disk. The one on this side does not have holes on it. The one on the swivel side does not have holes on it. Lastly, there's the disk for the electric hose reel. This is basically a disk with a gear on it. This disk is driven by a small gear, which is driven by the motor. Those are the three disks that are used on a Cox hose reel.

We have them all in stock. You want to be careful. Usually, you need to order the right color that matches your reel. Most companies stock only one color. We try to stock all the colors, so you have what you need. Visit us at and thanks for watching.