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Shurflo 2088 High Volume Pumps

The Shurflo 2088 series of pumps are an excellent choice for pest and weed control professionals. These high-volume and moderate-pressure pumps work great for a variety of applications. We stock the Shurflo 2088-343-135 model, which features 12 volts, a max flow of 3.0 GPM, and 45 PSI. This pump features automatic operation with a pressure demand switch, self-priming up to 12 feet, and a one-way check valve that prevents reverse flow. The 2088 pump can also run dry without damage.

Maintain Your Investment

We carry a large selection of Shurflo 2088 pump parts to ensure that your investment continues to provide you with optimal reliable service. We stock everything from fuse kits, electric toggle switches, upper housing assemblies, to filters, adapters, wingnuts, switch assemblies, valve assemblies, check valve assemblies, and diaphragm assemblies. With this complete selection of pump parts, you can perform regular maintenance on your pump for a fraction of the cost it takes to buy a new one. You can greatly extend the life of your product, and avoid costly downtime by  maintaining equipment on the job.

Pest Control Experts

The experts at Qspray.com have over 100 years of combined experience working on pest control equipment. We know what works, and we know how to maximize productivity and profitability through equipment usage. Our product selection reflects the best the market has to offer. Plus our large selection of parts ensures that you can keep your equipment in peak shape. Check out our selection of Shurflo 2088 pump parts and equipment, and order yours today.