25 Gallon Handtruck Sprayer

SKU: 25 Gallon Handtruck Sprayer
1.00 LBS

25 Gallon Handtruck Sprayer

Very portable to get where you need to go. 

Can be constructed with 115 Volt Pump (plug in to socket at job site) or 12 Volt (includes shelf to hold 12-Volt battery.  Battery NOT included).

We also built one with a small Maruyama gas engine and pump (see photo)

We recommend the 115 Volt Pump.  It eliminates the need to carry a 12-Volt battery.  It is easy to carry extra extension cords on your vehicle.  The 115-Volt Version is offered with our Qspray 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.  Click for more info.





NOTE: Hand truck color and style may vary based on availability.  Functionality does not change.