25 Gallon 12-Volt Concrete Cure Sprayer

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If you’re looking for a professional-grade sprayer for efficient concrete curing applications, get the 25-gallon 12-volt electric concrete cure sprayer from This sprayer mounts directly to the truck bed, offering easy operation, flexibility, and productivity.

Powerful and Reliable

At, we bring you powerful and reliable power sprayers and parts so you can stay operative and productive and minimize downtime. To ensure efficient application of moisture-curing materials on concrete surfaces, you need a high-quality concrete curing compound sprayer to get the job done. This sprayer is also incredibly versatile and can be used for other pest control and landscaping applications.

The 25-gallon 12-volt electric concrete cure sprayer features these components:

  • 25-Gallon Poly Tank
  • 12-Volt Shurflo Electric Pump & Motor
  • Cox Hose Reel
  • 300′ 3/8″ Chemical Spray Hose
  • Mounts directly to the truck bed
  • Used to apply concrete cure but would work for many applications

We build great sprayers that our customers love for their reliability, productivity, safety, and ease of use and maintenance. We design our sprayers to work well every day to ensure you get long-lasting value.

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If you’re looking for a professional-grade concrete cure power sprayer for your business, order the 25-gallon 12-volt concrete curing sprayer from Enjoy unprecedented productivity in the field with our selection of power sprayers for different applications. Order yours today.