B&G - Durable Quality Pest Control Industry Equipment

B&G - Durable Quality Pest Control Industry Equipment

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 22, 2021

Qspray proudly carries B&G equipment. B&G sprayers have been the workhorse of the pest control industry since 1949. Made in the USA with stainless steel tanks, brass hardware and dripless valves, B&G sprayers are the industry standard. No other sprayer comes close to the quality, durability, and performance of B&G sprayers.

Learn more about B&G equipment:

B&G Versafoamer HH - Great Tool for Small Termite Jobs

The  B&G Versafoamer HH can be a valuable tool for companies that only require an occasional termite foaming application. The B&G Versafoamer HH is small, lightweight, portable and easy to use manual termite foamer. It is manually operated so it is great for small termite foaming jobs.

The B&G Versafoamer HH is basically a B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer with a couple of modifications. It has a suction tube with 2 small holes in it that allows air to get into the tube to make foam. Because it is a manual termite foamer, it does not have a lot of ability to adjust the foam volume & consistency. We recommend testing the unit and adjusting the foam concentrate amount to get your desired foam consistency with plain water before using the Versafoamer HH with termiticide. Learn more about the B&G Versafoamer HH:

B&G NG Next Generation Spray Wand Offers Several Great Features

B&G NG Next Generation Spray wand is lighter and more durable than the traditional B&G Brass Wand. It does fit all standard B&G Sprayers. The NG Next Generation spray wand stainless steel and interior, and it has a lightweight, polycarbonate valve body. In addition to being more durable, it is also 75% lighter than the regular B&G spray wand. This spray wand also includes 4-Way Tip and no-drip tip shut off. Learn more about the B&G NG Next Generation spray wand:

Tips for B&G Sprayer — Visit Us Now to Read More

Do you have a B&G sprayer? Check out this blog post with tips on how to save money on your B&G Sprayer. You will learn about Tip Cleaning, Tip Wear and why it is important to Keep a Backup. Get money saving tips here:

Your B&G Termite Rods - 5 Tips to Reduce Problems & Extend Termite Rod Life

B&G termite rods are the industry standard termite injection tools, however these tools are not inexpensive. The Qspray termite equipment repair shop sees lots of problems with termite tools, many of which are avoidable. Check out this blog post and learn 5 tips to ensure you continue getting your money’s worth from your B&G termite rods. Get the termite rod tips here:

B&G Sprayer Parts - Do Your PM During Slow Periods

A professional who uses his B&G sprayer often cannot afford down time for maintenance or repair issues. We recommend using slower times during the winter to perform your preventative maintenance on your B&G. And please remember to only use authentic  B&G sprayer parts. B&G Sprayers are standard issue pest control equipment and can provide years of reliable service if properly serviced and maintained.

Learn more about B&G sprayer parts & maintenance here:

B&G Electric Backpack - Great Tool for your Business

B&G Electric Backpack PestPro Power 4 is a great tool from B&G, a leader in the pest control equipment business. This backpack is made for professionals. The spray wand is completely rebuildable and it comes with 2 batteries! Learn more about the PestPro Power 4 features in this blog post

B&G Sprayer Tips - Big Impact on Pest Control Chemical Costs

&G Sprayer equipment experts report that the brass B&G sprayer tipon a B&G 1 gallon sprayer experiences 10%nozzle wear each year. This means after 1 year, your B&G sprayer is putting out 10% MORE CHEMICAL than it did the year before. Learn more about what you can do to help prevent this:                                                                                      

B&G Spray Tips - Get the Right Tip for the Job

Most pest control professionals use a B&G in their daily route. In my experience, most who use a B&G use the B&G Sprayer tipthat came on the B&G, but it might not be the right tip for the job you are doing. Learn more about getting the right tip for the job here:

On the Record - Advice from John Cotton, B&G Expert is pleased to interview John Cotton of B&G Equipment. John is a 40-year industry expert who has forgotten more about B&G Sprayersthan any 10 people have ever known. Take a look at the interview here:

New Pest Control Product at Qspray - B&G Rodent Cafe Bait Stations is pleased to announce we now offer the B&G Rodent Cafe Bait station for pest control professionals. Learn more about the great design features of the B&G Rodent Bait station here:

What is the Valve Packing Part of Your B&G Sprayer

Parts wear down with use or where they come into contact with harsh weed or pest chemicals. One part that you will have to replace on your B&G sprayer is called the Valve Packing. They are small Teflon donuts that prevent leaking. But over time with use there is normal wear and tear on this part causing it eventually to fail and begin leaking. You might be able to tighten to stop the leak for a bit, but it will need to be replaced sooner or later. Without a good explanation or rationale why this product is more expensive than it really needs to be, but it is important.

Learn more about the Value Packing on your B&G sprayer: standard - B&G one gallon sprayer

Can I Use my B&G Sprayer to Spray Bleach?

I’ve been asked this question numerous times - Can I use my B&G Sprayer to spray bleach?

And the answer is a resounding - NO!

A client recently came in needing B&G replacement parts for his B&G sprayer. He told us he used the B&G Sprayer to spray bleach. The bleach turned the brass green and ate through the B&G Valve Extension. Interestingly, it disolved the brass at the weakest point. The weakest point on the B&G spray valve is at the bottom of the curve where the B&G Cable rubs against the brass. 

Learn more about why you do NOT use bleach in your B&G Sprayer:

Industry Standard - B&G One Gallon Sprayer

Viewed B&G N124-S18 sprayer is a great piece of spray equipment and viewed as an industry standard. It is built to withstand harsh chemicals it has a stainless steel tank, all brass pump-valve, brass spray wand and brass valve. There are 4 different tips available and is widely known to be completely rebuildable. Learn more about this sprayer here:

B&G has built up an excellent reputation in the pest control equipment industry. Qspray is proud to offer a full selection of quality B&G equipment for pest control professionals. Order all your  B&G equipment and replacement parts at