What is the Valve Packing Part of Your B&G Sprayer

What is the Valve Packing Part of Your B&G Sprayer

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 20, 2017

Parts wear down with use or where they come into contact with harsh weed or pest chemicals. One part that you will have to replace on your B&G sprayer is called the Valve Packing. They are small Teflon donuts that prevent leaking. But over time with use there is normal wear and tear on this part causing it eventually to fail and begin leaking. You might be able to tighten to stop the leak for a bit, but it will need to be replaced sooner or later. Without a good explanation or rationale why this product is more expensive than it really needs to be, but it is important. 

We suggest ordering a couple extra kits to have on hand so that when your sprayer starts leaking you can fix it without delay or loss of any product. Visit us as for all your B&G Sprayer equipment and parts needs. 

Andrew Greess : Hi, this is Andrew Greess at, Quality Equipment and Spray. Today, I'm talking about some of the parts of your B&G sprayer that you'll likely need to be replaced. One of the parts that's first to go is the valve packing.

These are little nylon or Teflon looking donuts. There's three of them. They go in the B&G valve right here. They prevent your B&G from leaking out the gut or the valve. When your B&G starts leak right here, just tighten that, packing that down a little bit. That'll push the packing out against the valve packing and prevent leaking.

Eventually, they'll wear out bad enough that you have to replace them. You'll need three of them. They're usually sold in packets of three. They are more expensive than they need to be. I have no reason or explanation for that, but you do need them. This is clearly a part you should keep on hand as part of your emergency repair kit so when your valve starts leaking, you have the parts you need to do your repairs.

Get your B&G valve packing and all your other B&G replacement parts at Thanks for watching.